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Wuxi huaoulai automation equipment Co., Ltd. is a designated second-hand equipment dealer authorized by Baicao (Shanghai). Located in Wuxi, China, the beautiful hometown of fish and rice, the company mainly provides the sales and maintenance of second-hand laser equipment and spare parts. It is a technical enterprise focusing on the sales, upgrading, transformation, repair, maintenance and sales of spare parts of laser cutting machines. It has many Deposition of Laser Cutting Machine technology. Since its establishment, Hua Ou has provided hundreds of enterprises with professional laser equipment solutions and technical support, and won the general recognition and praise of customers. We will take the good faith as this, provides the high quality service wholeheartedly for you, welcome the new old customer to call the consultation!
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Laser cutting machine has several core functions, laser cutting machine can be seen everywhere in metal processing plants. Powerful function, can be flexible cutting all kinds of metal materials. Here to introduce a few main functions of laser cutting machine. Through these practical functions, the machining efficiency and cutting performance can be greatly improved. Its main functions can be summarized as follows: 1. LEAP FROG: LEAP FROG IS LASER cutting machine neutral range, cutting the head of the space movement trajectory, like Leap Frog drawing arc, called leap frog. In the development of laser cutting machine, leapfrog can be said to be an outstanding technical progress. The LEAP FROG requires only a transition time from point a to point B, saving time for ascent and descent. Frogs jump to catch food; laser cutters jump to catch frogs more efficiently. If the laser cutter does not have the step-over function now, I am afraid it can not enter the stream. 2. AUTOFOCUS: when cutting different materials, the laser beam must be focused at different positions on the cross-section of the workpiece. With auto-focusing function, the machining efficiency of laser cutting machine can be greatly improved: The perforation time of thick plate can be greatly reduced; and the focus can be automatically adjusted to the most suitable position by machining different materials and different workpiece thickness. 3. Automatic Edge finding: When the sheet metal is placed on the worktable, if it is tilted, it may cause waste in cutting. If you can feel the tilt angle and origin of the plate, you can adjust the cutting process to adapt to the plate angle and position, to avoid waste. The function of automatic edge-finding appeared with the need of the Times.
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