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Wuxi huaoulai automation equipment Co., Ltd. is a designated second-hand equipment dealer authorized by Baicao (Shanghai). Located in Wuxi, China, the beautiful hometown of fish and rice, the company mainly provides the sales and maintenance of second-hand laser equipment and spare parts. It is a technical enterprise focusing on the sales, upgrading, transformation, repair, maintenance and sales of spare parts of laser cutting machines. It has many Deposition of Laser Cutting Machine technology. Since its establishment, Hua Ou has provided hundreds of enterprises with professional laser equipment solutions and technical support, and won the general recognition and praise of customers. We will take the good faith as this, provides the high quality service wholeheartedly for you, welcome the new old customer to call the consultation!
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At present, laser cutting machine mainly fiber laser cutting machine, carbon dioxide laser cutting machine and YAG laser cutting machine: 1. FIBER LASER CUTTING MACHINE: main advantages: high photoelectric conversion, low power consumption, can cut less than 12 mm stainless steel and carbon steel plate. It is the three kinds of machine cutting thin plate fastest laser cutting machine, cutting seam small, good quality light spot, can be used for fine cutting. Main disadvantages: At present, most of the key technologies of fiber laser are in the hands of one or two manufacturers in Europe and America, so most of the machines are relatively expensive. The price of most machines is over 1.5 million yuan, and the price of low-power machines is around 500,000 yuan. Because the fiber in cutting the slit is very small, gas consumption is very large (especially when nitrogen cutting) . In addition, the high cost of fiber laser, laser cutting machine is difficult or even unable to cut aluminum, copper plate and other high-reflective materials, cutting thick plate is very slow. The main market positioning: cutting 12mm below, especially the high-precision processing of thin steel plate, mainly for high precision and efficiency requirements of the manufacturers. It is estimated that with the emergence of 5000W and above laser, fiber laser cutting machine will eventually replace most of the CO2 high-power laser cutting machine market. 2. CO2 LASER CUTTING MACHINE: main advantages: high power, general power between 2000-4000W, can cut full-size stainless steel, carbon steel and other conventional materials within 25 mm, also can cut aluminum plate
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